Wednesday, April 14, 2010

History of Vloggercue

(Photo by Steve Garfield)

Vloggercue started in 2005 when a handful of videobloggers from around the world got together to talk about technical issues and content of web video, and what they were doing to shape it. The founders were there, after listening to videobloggers for months beforehand, and launched their service that night. There was beer and Asian barbecue, among other things.

Vloggercue 2007 was another rooftop affair, this time with many facets of the web video industry represented, as at that point there was actually a web video industry. It was less about content and personal vloggers, and more about show creators and distribution. There were beer and ribs, among other things.

Vloggercue 2010 will try to conjure the energy of Vloggercue 1, inviting anyone and everyone involved with web video. If you post videos of your cat to Youtube, you're welcome. If you founded Youtube, you're welcome. Everyone eats and drinks under the same Brooklyn roof, for free.

Check out photos from Past Vloggercue's HERE.


At 11:49 AM, Blogger Jeff said...

One of my favorite videos from the original 2005 Vloggercue:

Thanks sull!


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