Thursday, July 14, 2005

Summer of Vlog: What, When and Where

Michael Sullivan annouced it was the "Summer of Vlog".
What does this mean?
Well, we decided it meant we needed a Bar-B-cue to celebrate the work everyone is doing in the Videoblogging Community.
It's extremely exciting to be in the middle of a revolution(Google and iTunes recently jumped into the video publishing world)...and to know that regular people like ourselves have an opportunity to take part in shaping how video publishing could play out.

You are invited to Vloggercue 2005 on July 9th from 4pm-late in Hoboken, NJ...a ten minute train ride from Manhattan. Email Jay if you have questions.
It's all free...everyone invited....bring what you want, though we'll provide food/drink...just sign in here:




here is a map to the Vloggercue, which will be held on Adam Quirk's roof of his phat loft.

Link to Google Map

From NYC:
  1. Take the PATH train to Hoboken (The PATH picks up at 34th, 23rd, 14th, 9th, and Christopher St. Click Here for exact station locations)

  2. Either take a cab ($4.00) to 721 Grand or

  3. Walk up Washington St. to 7th and make a left

  4. Walk down 7th to Grand St. and make a right.

  5. My building is red brick, there will be a sign outside.
6. Call Jay at 917 371 6790 if you're lost.


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At 1:13 PM, Blogger Magic Monkey Bob said...

july 14th is my birthday! I wish I could be there!



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